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Charleston Sights

Fort Sumpter, the island four miles off the coast, where the first shots of the Civil War were fired.

Calhoun house, the largest house in historic Charleston.

John Calhoun, US vice president from Charleston.

Spires in park where Calhoun statue is located.

Old fort, now a hotel.

Charleston Waterfront

Waterfront with bridge in background.

Waterfront street with bridge in background.

Houses on waterfront.

Charleston yellow roses.

Waterfront park.

Artist in waterfront park painting cupola.

Charleston South Carolina

King Street, the main shopping street in Charleston. The street is narrow, and the buildings are old, preserved by the Charleston Historic Preservation laws. The buildings are three story buildings, but with modern shops inside. Even old theaters are now used as shopping centers or stores.

An old Kress movie theater, now used as a Williams Sonoma store.

Another view of King Street. It was busy on a Saturday afternoon.

The old market building. Behind it are several low buildings where vendors set up their tables.

Market on a Saturday afternoon. Two of the low buildings where vendors set up tables. In the background are horse drawn carriages for tourists.

Charleston South Carolina Single Houses

This is a Charleston "Single House". It is the typical house in the historic section of Charleston. It is one room wide, with windows all around for circulation, and a porch and balcony on the sunny side of the house to give shade as well as for sitting out in the evenings. Most of the houses in the historic section of Charleston are of this type. This house is from the early 1700's, and most of the "single houses" are from the 1700's and 1800's.

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