Sunday, November 03, 2013

Wednesday, 10/30/13 Day at Sea

Wednesday, 10/30/13 Day at Sea

Attended the port lecture on Adelaide, and then met with a man on the ship to copy dozens of books from his thumb drive onto my computer.  He had downloaded the books from Pirate Bay and transformed them to fit on his Kindle.

He said that to download books, I would need to get a “torrent” and then go to Pirate Bay to download the books to the torrent.  Then I would need to use a converting program (“Caliber”) to convert the files to .mobi files, the type of file used for Kindle.  Perhaps I will be able to get someone to show me how to do that at some point.  I have never read a book on a tablet; I read books printed on paper, but perhaps one day I will want to get a Kindle or other tablet.

He was quite insistent that I set up a Kindle Shortcut on my desktop and also a “working file” to use for the books I decided to copy on the Kindle.  He was also insistent that he use a “send to” method to copy the books onto my laptop, and that turned out to be somewhat difficult for him as he was not accustomed to using Windows 7.  He was genial, but insistent on doing things his way, and setting up my computer in precisely the way that he wanted.

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