Saturday, October 19, 2013

Monday, 10/14/13 Day at Sea, Winner!

Monday, 10/14/13  Day at Sea, Winner!

Early afternoon, the ship passed the Sun Princess one mile off the port side, on its way to Sydney.

About the ship, the Dawn Princess.  Talked with the Passenger Services director, Cynthia.  She said that Princess permits people to use the ship as local transportation between ports in Australia and New Zealand.  The ship has a very large number of inside cabins, which locals use for one or two night trips.  About 300 passengers who had come on board in Sydney disembarked in Brisbane, where another 300 passengers boarded.

Each cruise, as passengers board the ship, they are given a scavenger hunt card, and they are encouraged to find certain places on the ship and get the card stamped at each place -- the “revenue centers” on the ship, such as the spa, casino, boutiques, photo shop, internet café, etc.  After a passenger gets all the stamps, the cards are placed into a box, from which some are drawn for prizes, such as a free spa treatment, $50 gift certificate for the shops, etc.  The final prize that is drawn is for a gift from the fine art shop.  This time, my name was drawn for the final prize -- artwork with an estimated retail value of $500.  “Artwork is prepackaged for your convenience.  No substitutions.”  I was not shown the prize, but was asked to find the art director on the ship for a description of the prize.

In the evening, I read rather than going to the entertainment, a comedian.

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