Saturday, October 19, 2013

Saturday, 10/05/13 Qingdao

Saturday, 10/05/13 Qingdao

Took the ship tour, an all-day tour of the Badaguan historic district of Qingdao, including lunch.  In Chinese, the letter “Q” is pronounced “ch”, so the name of the city is pronounced “Chingdao”.  The ship was in Qingdao on a holiday, and the streets were filled with local people enjoying the beautiful weather on a day off work.  October 1 is the national holiday of China, like July 4th in America, and the entire first week of October is a national holiday, called “Golden?? Week”.

This was a very good tour that included many of the top historical sites in Qingdao.  The tour guide spoke very poor English, and it was very difficult to understand him; however, the tour was very good.  One of the first things that I noticed was that the streets were lined with large shade trees, and the tour guide explained that when the city was under German control, the streets were laid out and trees were imported from Germany to line the streets.  As the bus passed “Bathing Beach No. 1”, I noticed brides on the beach, where bridal photos were being taken.  The tour guide explained that brides often had bridal photos made on the beach prior to their wedding.  I was disappointed that the bus did not stop at the beach.  When the bus did stop, passengers were led past “Bathing Beach No. 2, which was not nearly as pretty as the No. 1 beach; however, some brides were also on this beach for wedding photos, and I was able to take a couple of photos of them.

The tour guide led the passengers to a beautiful park and on to

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