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Tuesday, 10/22/13 Kimberly Coast

Tuesday, 10/22/13 Kimberly Coast

A special captain is required for all ships sailing near the Kimberly coast of Australia, just as a special captain is required for all ships sailing inside the Great Barrier Reef.  This morning, the special Kimberly Coast captain, Captain Craig Brent-White, gave a lecture on the Kimberly Coast, and it was perhaps the worst lecture I have ever attended in my entire life.  The man was completely unable to speak in complete sentences, and his long stutters and pauses as he skipped from thought to thought mid-sentence were unbearable. It was hard for me to believe that he could be trusted to guide this ship any place, much less in a dangerous place such as an inlet along the Kimberly Coast.

He was supposed to give commentary all during the time that the ship was sailing into the inlet and along the coast, but fortunately, the ship’s crew was unable to get the sound to work, so no one was able to hear any of his commentary.  As a side note, it is sad that a Princess ship was unable to get the sound system to work so that a lecturer could give commentary; it is as if the ship had never before done this.  Making the situation worse, they didn’t check the sound system beforehand, and they didn’t even check during the commentary; they relied on passengers to tell them that the system was not working, and then they were unable to make it work during the entire time of the commentary.  Incredible.

The views were not as scenic as we had been led to expect.  The soil is red, but the cliffs were not as high as passengers had been led to imagine, and the ship was too far away from them to get really good photos.  The sunset was very pretty, however, as the red dust made the sunset very red.

There was also a lecture on pirates, both historically and present-day, which was mildly interesting.

Other than that, I edited photos all day.

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